How to Choose the Right Baby Sleep Consultant Training Program


There’s a lot to consider when starting a new career and business. Choosing the right training program is the first step.

Changing to a new career can be scary, but oh so exciting! If you’re considering a career as a certified baby sleep consultant, you’ll want to read on. Choosing the right training program is an important first step! 

The Wild West

The world of sleep consulting isn’t regulated. Unfortunately, that means that even if you’ve never read a book on sleep, you can call yourself a sleep consultant. 

I don’t know how you feel about that prospect, but if you’re anything like me, that’s not your style, at all. 

If sleep consulting became regulated, I’d welcome it with open arms. That said, I’m entirely confident that the Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant Training Program would significantly exceed any regulations put in place.

Woman studying to become a baby sleep consultant

So, you’re thinking about becoming a sleep consultant, what should you look for in a sleep consultant training program?



Do you have a specific philosophy about parenting or sleep? Would you like to learn about a variety of approaches, or are more interested in using a particular method? Do you favour approaches that are more holistic and have a strong focus on emotional wellness, or prefer a traditional sleep training-centric method?

Understanding your own philosophy will make it easier to choose the right fit.

What’s the Sleepy Lambs Philosophy?  

The Sleepy Lambs approach to sleep is unique for many reasons. It’s essential to find the cause of any sleep challenges before jumping to potential solutions. 

When supporting families, the Sleepy Lambs approach is holistic. But what does that mean? The holistic approach to sleep means that we’re looking at the big picture to identify any possible causes of sleep challenges. Sometimes, there can be an apparent cause and other times, making a few minor changes. 

The sleep assessment looks at potential medical, physical, emotional, nutritional, developmental, environmental, routines, schedules, family dynamics, and more. Without looking at the big picture, it’s too easy to miss potential causes. Most sleep consultants jump right into “sleep training” without determining the cause of the sleep challenge. This approach typically leads to more tears, may take longer to see improvement, and most importantly, may not improve sleep, since the cause hasn’t been addressed.  

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Training Program

How comprehensive is the baby sleep consultant training program? Is the training self-paced or scheduled? Are there planned or regular opportunities to ask questions? Are there assignments? Exams? A final project? Is the training done online or in-person? Is there a completion deadline? Do you need to travel for some or all of the training? How long do you have access to the training course?


Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant Training Program

So, what does Sleepy Lambs have to offer? We know you’re busy and have a lot going on, so our online sleep consultant training program allows you to go through the training at your own pace. You can watch and re-watch the training videos as many times as you wish, as you get access for life. There are a variety of ways to help you reinforce your learning, including additional reading, assignments, and quizzes. Everything is designed to support your education and your new business, and not just for the sake of having an assignment.

Regular team calls have been designed as another opportunity to learn, ask questions, and learn from others. 

The ongoing support and learning opportunities make a difference.

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting - Franchise of the Year Runner Up

More Than a Hobby!

If you’re interested in setting up a business as a sleep consultant, having an outstanding education is only the beginning. Does your program have a business training component? What does it include? Is the training ongoing? Does it provide 1:1 support? How about business tools set up so you can focus on meeting clients and growing your business? 

Sleepy Lambs Means Business!

Setting up and running a business can be a challenge and overwhelming. It can be costly, confusing, involve insane hours of work, and very isolating to figuring it out all on your own. 

If you want to be seen as an expert, and paid as an expert, you need to BE an expert.

I spent so much time (and money) on the admin and set-up, where I could have been spending the same time working with clients and earning money. I was motivated from the beginning to make it easier for others, without “re-creating the wheel.” I became driven to support others to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes from being your own boss, yet also be part of a supportive team. 

Having extensive knowledge in sleep just and a variety of methods to support families is essential, however, to run a successful business, you need so much more.

Once you’re a Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant, as a franchise member, it’s time to switch into “business mode” with education and training to help you launch a successful business. You’ll get ongoing support in marketing and part of our regular Certified Mastermind Calls. Ongoing support and mentorship is key to your success and a top priority.

Sleepy Lambs provides you with all the tools you need to kickstart your business, ongoing support, education, 1:1 coaching and opportunities to grow your business.

What’s Your Vision?

You may not have even thought about it yet, but what’s the vision for your business? Do you want to work part-time or full-time, or start with part-time and transition? Are you interested in just providing 1:1 support, or offering a variety of support options? Do you live in an area with a large population with lots of young families, or will you be looking to expand your client-base online?

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

As a Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant, we’ll help you turn that vision into reality, by providing the tools, guidance, and support.

It can be scary making a career change, taking a blind leap of faith to start a business. Don’t let the change scare you! If you’re considering becoming a Certified Sleep Consultant and are looking for a high-quality program and opportunity, let’s chat. It will be an excellent opportunity to ask lots of questions and no obligation.

Mary Foster is the founder of Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting, and mum of three little ones (at one time three under three).

She’s a proud Canadian, loves living in England and is passionate about healthy sleep with a strong focus on emotional wellness, using her education background in science.

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants support families around the world, and the Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy is an affordable and comprehensive online sleep program, has supported families worldwide. Check out our main website, SleepyLambs.com.

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