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About Us

Sleepy Lambs: Healthy Sleep – Happy Family

Babies don’t sleep… Or that was what I thought when I was a new parent. My son was going to sleep in his bassinet next to me and sleep well.  Yep, I was the perfect parent before I had kids!

Our firstborn, Andrew, had something else in mind. From night number one, he made it clear that he wasn’t keen on spending any time on his back. That was just the start of my journey to understanding sleep and battling reflux.

I could handle the sleep deprivation okay, but then…

I’d go to a baby class. It was there I realised that many other babies were sleeping so much better than mine was. To hear a mother complain that their little one had woken once the night before when Andrew was up every hour and needed to be held upright. I’d come home and feel like a complete failure as a parent. Why were these mothers so amazing and their babies would sleep and why am I such a failure as a parent?

UGH! It wasn’t a great feeling, so I stopped going.

If only! If only I had the knowledge I have now, back then. My entire life, confidence level as a parent and the hundreds of hours of missed sleep would have never happened.

After having 3 babies in 3 years, I knew that I didn’t want parents to feel the same way as I did, I decided to get a certification in infant, child and maternity sleep and Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting was born!

That Was Only The Beginning!

My Vision, My Dream

From day 1, the one thing I realised is that starting a business is time-consuming and expensive and I missed having ongoing support and mentorship. 

Could you imagine a doctor, finishing medical school, and having to figure out the rest all alone? Not a chance! So much learning happens as you go and gain experience and mentorship and coaching has a huge role. 

In addition, it’s one thing to be an expert, but another skill to run a successful business. My vision, early on, was to provide other women, a  comprehensive training program, ongoing support, and all the tools you need to launch and run a successful business… and I’m so grateful for the success we’ve had so far! 

Business support and education is fundamental as a Sleepy Lambs franchisee. From a full website, to client management system, cheat sheets, templates, and more, my vision was to make starting and running a business as easy as possible, allowing someone like you to spend more time working with clients or with your family.

Would you love to run your own business? 

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About Sleepy Lambs

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting was started in 2014 by Mary Foster. The unique Sleepy Lambs approach incorporates a focus on sleep science in combination with emotional wellness.

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