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You have the opportunity to make the difference for thousands of families, but most importantly, your own! Doing something your passionate about means it never feels like work. You’ll have ability to work on your own schedule so you never miss a milestone, but can still earn a great income! 

Freedom, flexibility, passion, and the opportunity to truly make a difference for exhausted families. Best job in the world!

Comprehensive Training

The Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant Training Program is second to none! It’s comprehensive, self-paced, with a strong focus on emotional wellness and sleep science. We continue on with additional training and support to help build your business and help ensure your success.

Support & Mentorship

You’re a part of a team from day 1! Support, mentorship, and continuing education help you through the learning process and ongoing! This supports your quest to running a successful and growing business! We’re there for you every step of the way!

Tools for Success!

The knowledge and education is essential, but you need so much more to build a successful business! As a Sleepy Lambs franchisee, you get the tools you need to kick off and run your business, so you can focus on serving the clients who desperately need you.


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“Do it! This is a fantastic opportunity to take on a business which will change the lives of families. The training is second to none and will really set you up with the knowledge you need to make a difference.”

“Being my own boss has given me the life I always dreamed off. I have discovered a drive and a passion I never knew I had. Allowing me the opportunity to provide a better life as well as having flexibility for my family. Helping other families get their life back by educating and supporting them while their little ones learn new a skill is so rewarding, there are no words that can describe the feeling. Becoming a Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant will be one of the best things you will ever do.”

“If you are passionate about helping families and want to change your own life in a positive way then join the team.”

“It definitely has the personal touch. I really feel part of a team. The way the information is given regarding sleep and how to help families is broken down into different modules and age groups works so well. It is all very clear to follow and the additional reading is all so interesting. The fact that there has been no pressure and we have all taken it at our own pace has been invaluable.”

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Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting was started in 2014 by Mary Foster. The unique Sleepy Lambs approach incorporates a focus on sleep science in combination with emotional wellness.

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