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Be there for every moment & make a life-changing difference for families as you work from home!

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The Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting Training Programme Will Set You Up For Success!

Interested in a new career?

How about the opportunity to work from home, giving you the freedom and flexibility to work when it works best for you and your family, not someone else. Be in control of your own life!

Self-Paced Online & Live Calls

You’re busy! There’s no need to stick to an inflexible schedule. Complete the training at your own pace. Join our regular live calls for further questions and learning opportunities.

Holistic Approach

There’s a LOT more to sleep consulting than “sleep training.” In fact, it’s a very small part. The unique Sleepy Lambs approach focuses on emotional wellness and sleep science. We look at the big picture, such as age, temperament, developmental milestones, physical health, nutrition, communication, family routines, parenting preferences, and much more.

Mentorship Programme

The team is here to support you, but our mentorship programme provides you with extra support. Your experienced mentor is there for extra questions, and advice.

Incredible Team

One of the best things about Sleepy Lambs is our incredible team! Each person brings their own unique experience and expertise, and as a result, it’s an engaging, supportive, and safe environment.

Sleep Science & Emotional Wellness

Think sleep consultants are all about “sleep training” and letting babies “cry-it-out”? Not here!

The unique Sleepy Lambs approach combines a strong focus on emotional wellness and sleep science, allowing you to provide outstanding support to families.

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant Training

What Type Of Training Program Are You Looking For?

If you’re looking for a quick, basic course to become an infant & child sleep consultant, sorry, but this isn’t it.

We believe that if you want to present yourself as an expert & get paid as an expert, you need to actually BE an expert.

Our training programme includes more than 100 hours of training and learning experience before you become a Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant®.


Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant Training

Once You’re Certified, You Have Options!

You can start your own brand OR you can apply to join the Sleepy Lambs team!

Great options to have! By joining the Sleepy Lambs team, you’re still your own boss, BUT you have the benefit of having all of your business tools set up and the benefit of 1:1 mentorship, ongoing support, and continuing education.

Running Your Own Business Doesn’t Have to Mean You’re On Your Own

Being your own boss can feel isolating, so we fixed it!

Starting a new business can be overwhelming, confusing, time-intensive, demanding and expensive. Joining the Sleepy Lambs team once you’re certified eliminates those challenges, providing you with training and support, allowing you to support families who need your help! 

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Add your details below and we’ll send you our latest prospectus, with more details on the training, investment, and payment plan options.

About Sleepy Lambs

Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consulting® was started in 2014 by Mary Foster. The unique Sleepy Lambs approach incorporates a focus on sleep science in combination with emotional wellness.

Join the growing team of Certified Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultants® around the world!

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